Friday, January 5, 2007

Back to the grind

I came back to work on Wednesday. By the time I had convinced the girls to get dressed, taken a shower, debated on which pants would hurt the least to button, and gave everyone the appropriate bags, coats and hats I had worked up a sweat. I knew it would be the most difficult part of my day!

I got to work, it was really good to see people again, all in all they are a great bunch of people. I went to a meeting, then our division had our holiday lunch, I spent most of both fidgeting. There is one teeny, tiny stitch that sits right where my pants hit, I felt like my 5 y.o. who is always ready to burst out of her chair to do anything at a nanosecond notice. Thank goodness no one asked me any hard questions or anything I really had to think about, while I thought I was quite witty, my ability to actually make sense of things was pretty limited Probably should have ended the day early and gone home to bed. I did go home a bit early but we'd plan Let's Dish night awhile back and it was the first chance to see my IRL friends in about a month. It was fun but exhausting and bless them all for pitching in to help me finish up--did I mention I am waaaaaaaay slower than normal?

Yesterday was a bit better, I actually went to meetings, spoke in complete sentences and had an executive tell me something was a really good idea-whew! I found a velveteen skirt with an elastic wasit band that might look a bit too Christmas party like but at least I don't act like I have ants in my pants. Last night though I couldn't bear the thought of doing much of anything, we had a quick supper, I laid in bed and finished the scarf that G-man made so much fun of, read to the girls and watched mindless TV.

Today is Friday, finally. Same skirt, we have interviews today so I didn't think the sweatpants would fly. Miss Betty the cleaning goddess is coming today. I'd love to see her face when she finds out that G-man destroyed the great pit of nothingness beside our dresser and replaced it with the rocking chair. Can't wait to see what new hiding place she finds in giving our house a facade of order!


Tree said...

I hope today is much better than the previous two days!

I love rocking chairs. My Miss Betty is Miss Rosa.

g-man said...

Betty is da bomb. (or "anti-bomb" depending on where you are standing)