Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Tuesday Random Thoughts

Go Bucks?
So, you'd think if you win ever game all season and are in the National Championship game you'd at least show up--wouldn't you?! After G-man and I high-fived over Ted Ginn running back the opening kick off for a tocuhdown it was all f-bombs from there. I screamed and yelled at the TV and the players. He was amused by my ranting and raving and speculating that my Mother was acting the same way.

I feel good
Other than slightly sore abs and a few ratty looking stitches I have recovered from the gallbladder surgery from hell. Last night it hit me, this is the first time I've really felt good in over a year. What a waste of my life over fear. I did go to the doctor to find out what was wrong when I started feeling bad, when he assured me that lots of people had gallstones and told me to try and eat a low fat diet to see how much it would help I was all for it. There must have been 5 or 6 times when I was in discomfort for weeks when I was ready to call but then started feeling better. Why the hell did I wait? Fear, plain and simple. We had an administrative assistant who went to have her gallbladder removed and never came back. They nicked her liver during the surgery and she ignored how bad she felt. She went into a coma and died a few months later. It was a little easier living with the discomfort when I had that alternative in my head. So, in the new year I am going to try and take better care of myself, listen to my body and take care of things more quickly.

Just gotta say, I love Netflix. I bet G-man and I hadn't seen 10 movies in the last 7 years and now we've probably watched that many in the last 6 weeks. The best part, he hasn't updated the queue so they are all my picks! We pretty much hate what the other likes on TV--me FoodTV and chef/design reality shows and him SciFi so its been nice to stop watching the junk and watch something together that might not be stellar but at least gives us something to talk about to each other and join the rest of the free world who seems to have already seen them and make reference to them. We watched The Notebook on Sunday night, I thought it was a sweet movie which G-man declared to be a weird chick flick you can read his take on it here. The funniest thing was the next morning seeing this on Dooce.

Okay, enough rambling for the morning!

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