Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good plan, bad execution

I had a great workout today, 45 minutes on the elliptical, crunches on the ball, a good strech on the stretcher thingie (yeah, that IS the technical term). We went to Rita's Italian Ice after dinner and then hit the Asian grocery store for sushi making ingredients (more on that later). I, being the Martha that I am, pickled some ginger for our future sushi experiences, its going to kill me to wait weeks until it is done. Then I told Gman I was heading upstairs to work on some thank you cards. He beckoned me to come give him a kiss first. Being in a good mood, I thought I'd jog over and do a faux jump into his lap. Good plan, bad execution. My sock covered foot hit the laminate floor off the edge of the rug, I heard a tearing noise come out of my leg, managed to not do a complete split and landed on the floor in front of him curled up in pain. Gman said he heard the noise as well (I was hoping it was just my imagination). OUCH!

It figures, finally, after 2 months of a meeting every Wednesday at 1 o'clock I managed to get free and sign up for the noon spinning class tomorrow. My plan was almost foiled today when I needed to schedule another meeting but I managed to take care of it today instead. Now, I'll be lucky to walk tomorrow let alone cycle. I took some ibuprofen, a hot bath and need to get some ice on it. I read up on quad strains and figure its pretty minor but am NOT looking forward to extracting myself from the bed in the morning.

Oh yeah, the Asian market. It was huge and packed. There was the smell of fish in the air which Boobah pointed out--loudly. What is that smell. Mommy, do you smell something? Something smells gwooooooooossssssssss. Boobah, its fine, could you keep it down, we'll be done soon. Her eyes were as big as saucers when we saw the ice lined trays filled with fish--Mommy, are they alive?! Nope Boobah, they are dead. At the end of the aisle she exclaims, I knew that's what I smelled, its HAMSTERS! I tried not to laugh too hard as I explained to her that they weren't hamsters, they were lobsters. Close, but no cigar.


Esmerelda said...

Tippy didn't seem to notice the smell two nights ago.

Sorry about your pull. That sucks!

Tree said...

Oh no! I hope you recover quickly.

I cannot wait to hear how the pickled ginger turns out. I love that stuff.

g-man said...

MMMm kimchee for lunch, and sushi for dinner, I'm in culinary heaven. Gotta love the asian food store. Kimchee is only like 70 calories per serving.

I hope your leg feels better soon. Smoochies.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...


Mitzi Green said...

dude, i hurt just reading that.

reminds me of when i broke my little toe by stubbing it on ben's ugly loveseat. he heard it "snap" from across the room.

i'm gonna go barf now.