Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chocolate Feet

This morning I went for my fourth acupuncture treatment. I originally went to help with the development of some seriously screwed up sleep and to help me be better balanced, aka not fly off the handle at the slightest (or no) provocation. It was my guess that the two were somewhat linked, the less sleep I get the less able I am to control my emotions. The sleep part has been so-so, some good nights, some not so good nights and some completely sleepless nights. The emotional control stuff, much better. I definitely feel more aware of what is going on with my body and in my head. While regular sleep would be great I am seeing the light that this is a journey, not a quick fix. Probably good practice for the rest of my life, enjoy the journey, quit worrying about right now and just enjoy it for what it is. See—it also makes me a deep thinker.

So, in addition to needles this morning, I was the recipient of the Yin Heel Scrub. Not sure what the purpose was, other than my heels are horribly dry and cracked. Every appointment starts with a series of questions and some of the continuing themes are body temperature, breathing, pain, and digestion. This morning he asked me about my feet and their temperature when I go to sleep in cooler months. I told him that I often have to get up and take a hot bath to warm them up so I can sleep. He got a gleam in his eye and the next thing I knew I had a needle between my eyes, one in my sternum and was getting the most amazing foot and ankle rub. It wasn’t until after he was done that he shared with me that it was done with organic cocoa and that my heels might be a bit brown. I was a little mortified that my heels and ankles took a dip in the chocolate fountain. Luckily most of it came off but the stain on my cracked heels is still there for all to see since its supposed to be near 80 today and I’m wearing strappy sandals. At least they are brown and I match.

I am hosting our neighborhood women’s group Wednesday night. I got involved to find out what is going on in the neighborhood and make connections to people (especially ones with kids) when we moved last year. I was also dying to see the other houses in the neighborhood having been in none of them prior to buying ours. Its an interesting group, they plan neighborhood events, support a charity and there is a decent amount of socializing and gossiping as well. I volunteered to co-host this month which means make some food. My next door neighbor was hosting at her house, but now she’s having construction and carpet and a bunch of stuff done so we are at my house. I’ve been pre-cleaning for the wonderful Miss Betty for the last four days. I rescheduled her regular visit last week in order to have her come right before the meeting. Yesterday she fell and hit her head and ended up getting an MRI. Poor Miss Betty. I feel horrible for her and feel like it is some message from the universe telling me to chill out and that no one is really going to care what my house looks like. At least I hope not. We’ll do our best but this week is just too crazy to try and do everything the way I’d like it done. Deep cleansing breaths.


g-man said...

I'm glad you are "lightening up". You do seem in an overall better state these days. XO

joansy said...

I want a great foot massage - it sounds fantastic.

Good luck with the neighborhood meeting. It sounds like a great idea.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

So, did the foot thing really work? Diabetic minds want to know.