Friday, April 20, 2007

In Search of MILFdom Month 4

Dear Aunt Flo, Sugar Mama and N. Somnia,

Please leave me alone. It was SO unfair to all gang up on me at one time and I was weak and I gave in. My own fault for having all that Easter candy laying around and not sharing enough with others before you came knocking on the door. Who was it that came first?

Was it you N. Somnia that finally pushed me over the edge. Did those endless nights of flopping around and thoughts crashing through my head invite Sugar Mama over for a visit? Or was it Aunt Flo with Sugar Mama in tow that made you N. Somnia seem so much bigger and badder than ever? I guess it doesn't really matter, my friend Ambien came for a visit last night and finally, seven hours of uninterrupted sleep and hopefully that means you'll all leave me alone.

I am changing the locks now that Aunt Flo is out the door, N. Somnia stayed away at least last night and hopefully Sugar Mama went with him. The hiding from you all at the gym only helped so much. Now I need to invite Fi Ber back into my life and make sure she and H2O hang together.

Adios amigos!

Lost this week: +3 (its gotta be all water?!)
Exercise: 3 spin classes, 1 treadmill day, 1 elliptical day, 1 strength class
Diet: Easter candy, cake, ice cream (see a pattern?)


sillychick said...

I think we're all on the downswing of this thing. It's time to kick start something, I think!

Tree said...

You are at a net loss, so that is good. I bet you are 100% correct in the water retention. You have been so good for all these weeks the one week fraught with traps will not hurt you.

The workouts are awesome!

yerdoingitwrong said...

Yup. easter candy and ice cream have been staples of my diet lately, too.

Silly's right. A jump start is in order. I have no ideas, but I agree. =P

Screw Aunt Flo.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Easter time is hard. Those Peeps are evil!!!