Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bad Bus Karma--Revenge of the Fish?

I. Am. Impatient. Not news to anyone who knows me. Traffic is the worst. I got annoyed with it at times when my commute was only 3 minutes long, now the 25 minutes, with stops, just about drives me nuts. Every day someone bonehead does something that makes me want to smack them upside the head. Apparently my pay back is bad bus karma. Two mornings in a row now I’ve been stuck behind a school bus on my way to drop off Boobah. Not just one bus but many buses, with many stops including a bus that has to use a lift to take on a boy in a wheelchair in about a quarter mile. This morning the middle school kids took the cake. The bus stopped at the BUS STOP, novel idea I know. The kids got on the bus after pushing and shoving each other. Then the bus stopped for a kid coming out of a house. I could see the babysitter’s house at this point, I think I was twitching just a little. Out came another kid, sauntering as slowly as humanly possible. Then the third, now she had the decency to run for the bus. Only to discover halfway there that she forgot something. She ran back into the house and I was beginning to wonder if she was ever coming back out. Now don’t get me wrong, I would want the bus driver to wait for my kid if they needed to run back in the house. I am glad there is a bus for the boy in the wheel chair but I swear it is payback for my impatience. See, I have been driving this route at about the same time, ALL YEAR LONG. And in the last two days I’ve waited at bus stops more than all the other days added together. Must be the fish coming back to haunt me.

Speaking of the fish—the body count is now up to three. Yes, I killed them all. I feel awful. I sent Gman out last night to get the last two from their watery grave. He, being always the innovator, used a lacrosse stick to get them out of the pond and fling them over the fence. Of course he did it from the middle of the yard. One made a stop in the middle when it hit the swing set. We are horrible people. The kids don’t know yet. They must sense it though. Both of them asked me for a puppy this morning independently. Should a 3 & 6 year old really be coordinated enough to gang up on me?! We can't keep 3 fish alive in the backyard (actually that would be the fourth that we've lost but the other just disappeared), what makes them think we can handle a puppy!


Esmerelda said...

Even though we rarely arrive at the same time, I have been a recipient of YOUR bus karma. Take it back, please.

Builder Mama said...

Oh, bad bus karma is the WORST. I pass no fewer than 6 schools on my way to work and if you get stuck behind a bus, you are totally screwed. Thus the reason I'm at work at the buttcrack of dawn.

Sorry 'bout the fish. That sucks. If y'all come down, there is a huge place close by that has like 3,000 varieties in all price ranges that my sister swears by. Of course, you might not want to chance carrying fish in a bucket on a road trip, but that's just me.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I've killed like 11 fish. We bought a bag of goldfish to see if we could keep any alive at one point. Not one made it past a week. Somehow I even dropped one of them in the garbage disposal. So, I am way ahead of you at Fisher Murderers Anonymous.

Jennifer said...

My bus would not have waited. Mostly because I too am impatient. My students know that if they are not "at" the bus stop. They are almost always not getting on the bus. I run on a tight schedule on main roads and I don't like holding up traffic.