Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A fish in a tree? Yes, it was me!

In the middle of the night I could hear the trickle of water in the pond outside and thought it was so peaceful. When I went downstairs at 5:15AM on my way out to cycling class I realized that the soft trickle was much louder than it should have been. Crap. I instantly knew I had a problem. Instead of turning the hose completely OFF last night from its light trickle, I turned it ON and was flooding the pond. Sure enough I got outside and the patio was wet, the yard was soggy and we had a floater. Not sure if it was Princess, Dorothy or Elizabeth but may she rest in peace.

Of course, nothing goes particularly well at that hour of the morning. I went out after cycling class with a plastic kids shovel and rescued the dead fish. I wasn’t taking her inside to flush so I had to find an alternative disposal method. Perfect, over the fence and into the wooded area beyond our fence—perhaps breakfast for one of our friends back there. Maybe it would keep George the snake occupied. So I flung the fish and the fish, in a very Dr. Seuss-like move she got stuck in a tree. Her little orange tail sticking out through some leaves waiting to be picked off by a bird---I hope. The last think I need is for the drama queen and her right hand observer to notice the fish in the tree.

Fishy, fishy in the tree.
Why up there, for all to see.

Fishy, fishy in the tree.
Please don't tell the kids on me!


g-man said...

Loved the poem at the end, nice touch.

joansy said...

Best poem ever.

Heather said...

Damn, they are all belly up now :(

Builder Mama said...

Damn. Sorry 'bout the fish. Great poem, though.

Mayberrys said...

Sorry about the fish :(