Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meme: 10 Things with O

I've been saving this up for a day like today when I've got nothin'! Gman tagged me for 10 things I like and dislike that begin with the letter O ('cause my dear husband knows how much I love a challenge--not sure that I even know 20 words that start with O).


Oranges-sweet and fresh, yum

Overachievers-not the out of control obnoxious ones but people like Es who just give it all they've got

Ornery Kids-When you know they are up to something they shouldn't be but you have to laugh because they are so damn cute.

Orgasms-'nuff said

Oragami-Looking at it yes, just don't ask me to do it.

Old ladies-I aspire to be one someday, you get old enough you can say whatever you want and people think its cute.

Orzo-pasta is good.

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies-leave out the raisins, give me some chocolate chips and a big glass of milk.

Organization-I have the desire, just not the time to keep up with it.

Old friends-there is something special about people that you don't have to explain your life story to, they know, they were there.


Ovaltine-just not my thing

Orange creamsicles-don't put milk in my orange stuff

Overweight-I've fought it my whole life and don't wish it on anyone!

Overdrawn-what a horrible feeling

Obnoxious Drivers-I am starting to think they are all that way here in the greater Baltimore/DC area. S-T-O-P doesn't mean think about stopping or pause it means STOP!

Overbearing salespeople-if I want help I'll ask for it, standing over me and being obnoxious is likely to make me leave

Orders (that I am expected to follow)-yeah, not so good with doing what other people tell me to do

Olives-the only food that no one in my house will eat, I just can't choke them down. Once as a kid my father made me eat one, I cried, threw up, never again.

Orthodontia-a special kind of torture that really couldn't come at a worse time in your young life

Other people's problems-really, I have enough of my own. Please don't share!


g-man said...

"O" kay :) Thanks for playing. I just really wanted you to type Orgasm ;) Love ya, mean it.

Ann(ie) said...

Hey nicely done, girl. That could not have been easy!