Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The summer sickies

Or is it allergies? Not really sick enough to take a sick day, not really well enough to function 100%. I've got an annoying cough, annoying enough that my friend in an office down the hall came bearing cough drops this afternoon. Apparently she'd heard enough. I must say her Ricola Honey & Herb drops were not bad, I was gag-free. (Yeah, I know, TMI but usually cough drops are worse for me than the coughing!)

Gman isn't fairing much better, he says his throat hurts and he has a swollen gland. We are doing a lot of horizontal parenting these days, mostly to request that the whining stop. right. now. We did give into the request for Rita's this evening. Nothing like something cold to calm the throat. He is currently giving the girls a bath, I haven't heard screams from any of the involved parties so it must be going okay.

Vacation countdown: 7 more work days until vacation
School countdown: 33 days


Hilly said...

I hope you feel better! I always get one lite summer cold and hate it!

Mayberrys said...

Ugh, the summer sickie cycle. We have it too, we're in week three...hang in there!

Builder Mama said...

Blech, those Ricola things are definitely gag-worthy. We've been living on Excedrin Sinus for a few days since both of us have congestion AND drainage. How does that happen?