Thursday, July 26, 2007

It snot funny

Well, I guess it is now, but not at the time.

I have this annoying cough. I can sit at my desk and I cough occasionally but it snot so bad. Then I went to run a meeting this morning. We are about 15 minutes in and a coughing jag hits. Bad enough since I am trying to lead these people through a conversation on a rather complex topic. Then a particularly jarring cough hits and I can feel snot sneaking towards the end of my nose. If I can't get it under control I am going to blow snot bubbles. I can feel it. Add that on to the coughing jag and I am now turning bright red and getting blow snot on my colleagues--now there is some team building.

One of the guys asks if he can get me water. I give him the hand and tell them I'll be right back and go sprinting from the room. I get a cup of water which helps marginally. Then I head to the restroom for a serious nose blowing. Really, did I need this today?

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