Friday, July 20, 2007

Dressed for success...more reunion drivel

I went to Kohl's a couple of weeks ago for one thing, while I was there I was struck by the panic of "what the heck do I wear to my reunion"? As I told you before I asked my HS partners in crime and they weren't nearly as much help as I had hoped. So, while at Kohl's I bought a dress that I thought was cute and relatively flattering. I brought it home and the first thing out of the kids mouth was that it was a pretty nightgown. Crap! Had I overestimated my fashion sense? I hemmed and hawed over whether to take it back. I thought long and hard about why I cared so much about what these people who I hadn't seen in 20 years thought. Then I went to my next line of defense, my stamping buddies. Among the 8 women there I knew I'd get an honest opinion--good or bad. The consensus was that it didn't look at all like a nightgown, was cute and appropriate.

We are off tonight for the festivities. In the internet world there has been lots of pre-reunion chat online. When asked about the appropriate dress the organizer reminded people that the country club frowned upon t-shirts and sweatpants. So I guess other than that, anything goes! I am sure that Gman will document the whole thing with hundreds of highly entertaining photos to be shared next week.


joansy said...

Absolutely must see lots of photos. Have a great time!

Gretchen said...

I think the dress looks wonderful!

Have a great time!

Tree said...

I love the dress!!! Sandra just had her 20th a couple weeks ago and according to those pics, your dress would be a smashing success!

Cannot wait to hear details.

Ann(ie) said...

I love it!! Have so much fun!