Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to the grind

Today I went back to the office after being off for 6 days. It was really hard getting back into the swing of things. Of course the girls didn't want to get up today although yesterday they were up and ready before I was, go figure. I had a meeting first thing this morning and then a slew of them this afternoon where I needed to know what was going on and be able to speak intelligently and on topic. I think I did okay but thinking took a lot of work. I would so much rather have been at home in bed catching up on my sleep! Last night was better but it was far from a good night's sleep. GMan and his snoring are driving me nuts, he'll be lucky if I don't put a pillow over his head tonight (JK, love ya, mean it!).

I get to work from home tomorrow. The Verizon guy is coming (at least I assume its a guy, very sexist of me) to hook us up with FiOS TV. I'll admit it we are TV and gadget junkies. We've waited through a year of our DirectTV contract to get to this point--they have a bundle for the right price so we are going for it. For us the holy grail is the multi-room DVR. I can record in the living room and watch it in the bedroom. Yes, we are sick, sick TV junkies.

On Thursday my whole department is going to a training class on negotiations skills. My two fears, it is deathly boring OR the whole thing is role playing. I don't mind doing the role play with strangers but doing it with the people I work with makes me want to hurl. Yeah, stupid I know but me.

Okay, off to clean the TV shows off the current DVR before they disappear into never-never land!


joansy said...

The tv gadget looks very cool.
I also hate role playing - with a passion.
Congrats on surviving the first day back.

Heather said...

Its nice to know I have company on the role playing nightmare! I'll let you know about the TV!

Ann(ie) said...

Excuse me, did you say a multi room DVR????? Oh, hello!!! I'm gonna need to set me up one of those.

A fellow tv junkie