Monday, August 13, 2007

Insomnia Returns


I thought vacation was for relaxing and part of relaxing is sleeping. I forgot, I don't sleep well in someone else's bed. Even when Gman relocates to give us both some peace, quiet and room to stretch out. Every night I was up every couple of hours despite my usual herbal sleep cocktail. My two year old nephew was up bright and early every morning running laps around the house. This picture pretty much tells the story, he is a constant motion machine. Restrain him and its not pretty. (Gman's pictures of the trip are here.)

We came home and I was sure that the insomnia would clear once I was happily ensconced in my own bed with clean, fresh sheets. No dice! In fact, it was worse than ever. Saturday night I was up and down several times, finally resorting to bad TV in the family room. The last time I remember seeing the clock before finally sinking into a fitful sleep--4:00AM. We accidentally slept until 9:25 yesterday morning and did the major boogie to get to church by 10. After the week and Saturday night I was sure last night would be the night. Nope. I was a serious fish, flopping all over the bed so I went to the couch to give Gman a break. I eventually returned around 2AM. Still flopping around. Finally I got comfortable and slept sometime between 2-3 AM. I took today off as vacation recovery but the girls were up fighting over something early this morning so no sleeping in. I'm off to see if acupuncture can get me back on the right track. Please?


Tree said...

I hope the acupuncturist helped! How about some vino? or a nice mojito?

Heather said...

I hope acupuncture helped too. I certainly felt better when I left and I was totally relaxed while I was there. Alcohol makes me drowsy but then I usually have a rebound and am hyped up a little bit.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Ack! I hope you sleep soon! I am sleeping like poop lately too, but we all three have viruses infesting our throats.

Tree said...

Okay. Here's one you have not mentioned, but Gman may like.

What about S-E-X?