Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Reporting In

Beginning of School Report
PDQ: Came home the first day to inform me that there is PE on M, T, W and no dresses, no clogs and no flip flops. She has decided that her teacher is good--the reasoning, she is best friends with her teacher from last year. Thus far the only "work" that has come home is a picture she drew of someone that they cut into parts and re-assembled (glad they are using the glue sticks!). She says that none of the parts are her.

Boobah: Came home the first day and lectured me that I didn't send sunscreen, she needs sunscreen, it needs to have her name on it and I need to fill out a form. See a pattern here, my children might just be as directive as I am! I also got a dissertation on the cot arrangements for rest time, when she "restes" but she doesn't sleep. I was really worried about her transitioning to the new place well considering she's spent her whole life with the same few kids and provider. I am still a little sad about saying good bye to the wonderful, calm Lois. Boobah told her on Friday she'd never see her again. Lois and I both ended up in tears and Boobah was oblivious.

Beginning Tri Training Report
Training: I walked between 2-2.5 miles at a 15-17 min/mi pace both Monday and Tuesday, for that effort I ended up with sore shins and achy feet. I was definitely right about not being able to run until I am a bit lighter. This morning I did my first bike ride, I did 7.57 miles with an average speed of 10.1 mph on the Patuxent Ridge Trail (I love my little bike computer, thanks Gman!). It was a relatively flat ride, just enough people to make me feel safe but not so many people that I worried about hitting someone. The ride was reasonably comfortable, there were a couple of hills I just misjudged and couldn't get up them without falling over because I was messing with the gears--definitely something I need to learn to do better. Other lesson, check all your equipment before you ride. I got to work this morning, got the bike out, helmet on, only to discover that my tires were too low to ride on. Resolving that cost me 20 minutes of ride time and keeping me from riding the whole route.

Boobah's Birthday Report
Boobah's birthday is Labor Day and we are having a small party at our house on Saturday afternoon. The theme is Strawberry Shortcake. I spent an inordinate amount of time last night driving all over God's green earth trying to find the appropriate cake and filling for the goodie bag. I am ordering pizza for lunch and praying it is nice so they can play outside the majority of the time!

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g-man said...

Go Baby GO! I am looking forward to getting back to the gym with you. It was exercise but at least we got to hang out together!