Thursday, August 30, 2007

A tale of two pods

When I picked up Boobah yesterday her "how was your child's day" slip said she ate almost all her lunch but wouldn't touch her snow peas. I laughed since I hadn't sent snow peas but edamame. While she won't eat sandwiches with crust or jelly, Boobah loves edamame and figuring out what non-nut foods I can send that she actually likes and are good for her is a bit of a challenge so I went with it. Later I asked her about it and she told me her teacher wouldn't let her eat her fruit roll-up until she ate the green part. Boobah apparently told her you didn't eat that part but the woman finally convinced her she had to and she managed to choke one down. That child SERIOUSLY wanted the fruit roll-up. This morning I put a post-it on her edamame (or as she likes to call them--Mommy beans) explaining what they are and how to eat them. I am just a tad worried that Boobah is off to a bad start with her "primary caregroup" teacher since they've already argued about lunch and its only day four. When I asked her about the transition yesterday she made a comment about getting upset when someone asked her to do something she didn't want to do but she didn't elaborate.

Yesterday morning as I got ready to ride I got out my iPod. I realized that I only pulled out the headphones and figured I had lost enough time getting my tires pumped up and just threw the ear buds back in my bag. Last night when I got home I realized that I didn't have my iPod and hoped it was in the van. No such luck. I did find it this morning. In the parking lot at work, right beside where I parked yesterday run over. Serious, serious bummer. I told Gman this morning and of course his response--save it so I can take a picture!

I rode 8.29 miles in just under 50 minutes this morning. It was actually a little cool when I got started. I was more confident (less brakes) and felt strong but a little sore from yesterday. I did better at stretching today so hopefully I'll be less sore tomorrow. I managed to get up one of the hills this morning but the second one is around a turn and caught me by surprise again today. My comfy bike isn't the most efficient for getting up hills, the suspended seat raises up with you and standing and pedaling is nearly impossible.


Syndi said...

Good job on the cycling! Keep with it. I just bought a new bike at the end of April and then started going out with a bike club about two and a half months ago. Last Wednesday, I rode 45 miles. I couldn't believe it. I don't know the area you're riding in, but once you get really comfortable with the traffic and the bike, the hills get SOOOOO much easier.

joansy said...

I love the title.

That's a lot of fiber for a wee one and a very sad story about the iPod. I think it would be in tears. As for the bike ride -- it sounds like you're off to an amazing start!

Anonymous said...

Phil says: Well - I want to see a picture of the squished iPod!

Heather said...

Thanks Joansy and Syndi.

Of COURSE you do Phil, I wouldn't have thought otherwise :) Its pretty disappointing, just a blown screen.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

The edemame story kills me, LOL!!!

And we eat is constantly in our house too.