Monday, September 24, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Yes, another evening gone, poof!

This morning Boobah's other eye was swollen. So I ended up back at the pediatrician's office this evening. Again, they answered my call and fit us in this evening. But by the time I picked her up at preschool, came home, made dinner, took her to the doctor and went to get the prescription it was bed time for the kids.

I ran/walked today at lunch and now I have a seriously sore hip. Perhaps my first assessment that I shouldn't run until I dropped some more pounds was accurate. It figures that this morning I decided I'd sign up for a 5K at the beginning of December to give me a short term goal. I am icing and resting and hoping it feels better soon. Tomorrow was a scheduled rest day so I'll take it and then try swimming on Wednesday. I'm not sure if cycling is aggravating it as well, guess I'll wait and see.

The MVA adventure went into trip #3 today (or 4 if you count that Gman had to leave and come home to get additional paperwork last time). I went at lunch time to return tags, get permanent registration after getting an inspection and to finally get a new driver's license removing the corrective lenses restriction from my license (I've been able to see for almost 2 years now thanks to LASIK). You could read about Gman's nightmare but unfortunately his host ate it. I manged to get the license and license plate thing taken care of but the registration--only at the biggest offices that are totally inconveniently located and only between 8-4 Monday through Friday. That is what we call customer service--NOT!


Builder Mama said...

Is it sand in her eyes again? Blech.

When is the 5K? I am in serious need to do something like that myself just to get off my arse.

Heather said...

Hey BM, come join me (and maybe Es) on Dec. 2 for the 5K. That would make it even more fun!

I don't think its sand, just the beginnings of a sty. Poor kid. We've never been in the peds office twice in a year, let alone twice in 5 days!

Syndi said...

I had the sore hip thing when I first started out jogging. I think you're probably doing too much too fast. Keep it up but go easier on yourself.