Thursday, September 20, 2007

I HEART our pediatrician

When I arrived to pick Boobah up this afternoon at preschool she was sitting on the directors lap with a wet paper towel on her eye. Apparently she had been on the receiving end of a hand full of sand in the newly topped off sand box of doom. I hate the sandbox, I hate getting it out of her hair and shoes but getting it out of her eye, even worse.

When we left the school she said it was okay and bravely threw away her wet paper towel. After our 15 minute trip through the grocery store on the way home, she was howling that it hurt and begging me to find her wet paper towel. I retrieved the paper towel and called her doctor's office. I left a number and by the time we were home, a nurse was calling me back. Score 1 for the office. I told her what happened, she asked how close I was and when we confirmed I could be there in 10 minutes she said come right over. Score 2. We arrived about 15 minutes later (of course Boobah was taking her daily poop when I got off the phone--NOT something you rush!). The wait was brief. Score 3. She got to see her regular pediatrician (not that it mattered to me but it made her day. He came in, took a look at her, told me he was glad I brought her, even after he determined it was just the sclera that was a bit scratched and not her cornea. Score 4. He gave her a high five and shook my hand. We were in and out of the office in less than an hour from when I called. Priceless. Thanks Dr. M.

If it had been an adult that had the same problem we'd be sitting in the emergency room. It would cost $50 and we might be there all night long contracted some horrible disease and seeing things that no one wants to see. Even if I was able to get into see my doctor it would be hours from I arrived, not an hour from when I called that I would finally get seen. Why can we have great health care for our kids and not get the same kind of care for ourselves. Believe me, I've looked. I am just glad to have a gyn who actually calls me back. If I didn't have to have another doctor I'd pick him anytime but he delivers babies and obviously THAT can screw with your schedule.

So, here's to our dear pediatrician and the fantastic office staff. Could I convince you to see me?

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Builder Mama said...

Poor Boobah! I'm glad everything turned out fine and it wasn't too serious!