Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Everyday is a many-athalon

So here I was thinking that training for a triathlon was way beyond my reach. Now I've decided that training for a triathlon is a lot like the rest of my life...

  1. Tri-swim, bike, run
    Life-Mom, Wife, Employee

  2. Tri-Well orchestrated transitions from one piece of equipment to another
    Life-Transitions from one part of the day to another, gym to home to drop off to work to home

  3. Tri-the temptation to overtrain
    Life-the temptation to overcommit (in my life this is MUCH more realistic than the overtraining thing)

  4. Tri-obsessing about equipment, times, how to fit everything in
    Life-obsessing about activities, Kindergarten, clothes, shoes, feeding the family, volunteering, everyones performance, how to fit everything in

  5. Tri-reading every book available on tri's, running, swimming and cycling
    Life-read the book of the day on parenting, stress, working mothers, or the obsession du jour
It keeps coming back to me that I need to find better balance in my life. I gave up trying to be the best at everything but I still haven't quite gotten over the doing everything thing. The tri training is actually helping with the balance, I have a little time to myself in the morning, I am ready for the day when its time to get everyone else up and moving and I feel so much better and more energetic. For the most part I am so tired that I sleep as well. Thankfully I have Mr. D to fall back on to poke me a bit and get me back in line when that part (or any of the others) falls apart.


Esmerelda said...

I think if you look back, I did a similar blog post early last year. Tri is a process, and it helps you realize your boundaries of 'good enough'.

But you're always FANTASTIC. This particular geographic black whole of perfection in which we live is a group of over acheivers trying to out do each other. It really leaves you with a skewed sense of what is normal or adequate or required.


Tree said...

I think you hig it right on.

Builder Mama said...

Great post, and so true, too.

FENICLE said... so difficult to achieve.
Good post!

my minivan is faster than yours said...

Um, I am SO impressed with you right now!