Saturday, November 17, 2007

Crawling out of bed

Wow, I don't remember anything making me feel so awful in a really long time. Even when I had surgery it was the pain, not the feeling bad. I spent all day in bed, keeping warm, sipping Gatorade and eating a few crackers. I ventured as far as half a bagel and a little bit of soup but my digestive system wasn't real keen on that so back to crackers. I've decided it was the "executive box lunch" that might have done me in. Someone else said they got sick on Wednesday night and I didn't feel well most of the day on Thursday--just took awhile for it all to hit me.

Thankfully the Buckeyes took care of the Wolverines this afternoon or I might be hiding under the covers for a whole different reason! That is 6 times out of the last seven, it almost makes me feel a little bit sad for the people from the state up North...almost.

I am venturing out to stamp camp tonight, I really feel like I need to get up for a little bit. Its not exactly strenuous activity (although I worked up a sweat trying to find shoes in our dump of a closet). It may be a very early night.


I am thankful for my husband who once again took on the Mr. Mom role today--buying birthday gifts, running PDQ to a birthday party and making the cookie deposit. I love you hon.


g-man said...

Right back at ya!

Builder Mama said...

Glad you're at least up to hunting for your shoes and a little stamping! Food poisoning sucks.