Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday in Pictures

I managed to crawl out of bed this afternoon, walk a mile through the lights with the kids and actually eat something besides crackers. I am still waiting to see if that holds. I also learned an important lesson--3 days of nothing but blue Gatorade helps your body produce something akin to nuclear waste. Anyway, here was our day in pictures.

PDQs debut in the new children's choir at church.

The whole family in our matching "Dazzle Dash" shirts--of course in the cold with all those people there was very little dashing. I guess this is the official kick-off of the holiday season.

All of the kids ready to "dash"--Boobah, PDQ and D & A of Esmerelda's world.

My holiday sentiments for all of you!

I am thankful that I feel better, there is nothing like being ill to remind you how happy you are to feel normal. I am also thankful for the holiday season and having kids to remind me of all the wonder.

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Esmerelda said...

It was a blast to spend time with you.....