Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is this week over yet?

Work really sucks. There is a serious funk hanging over the place. Lots of whispering and closed doors. Wondering who will be the next to go. Then there are the circling vultures already lobbying for offices and trying to figure out how to get ahead. I hope that after the holiday next weeks things will feel more like normal, although I expect I am going to have to adjust my definition of normal.

I went back to the gynecologist today for my post-op check up. All of my insides look good, however the lining of my uterus is out of sync, there is new gunk and old gunk in there and that is why predicting my cycles is like spinning the damn roulette wheel. My choices--an IUD or the pill. I appreciated the fact that he said he wouldn't be surprised if I told him I wanted rid of it! Neither of them are high on my list, I picked the pill for now partially based on the IUD insertion horror stories I've heard. I've got my friend Wendy the Good Witch (and herbal guru) checking the alternative path to more hormones. Why is being a woman so damn difficult.

I am thankful tomorrow is Friday, the weekend is coming and I have time to spend with my family.


Tree said...

I think both G and I had fairly easy IUD-insertion stories. It may go back to the idea of a "virgin cervix." I have had two of them and I would opt for it any day over the pill or anything with hormones.

Regarding the downsizing, I have been there and it is the major reason I am hesitant to return to corporate America. I am sorry you are going through this. It sounds like you have landed on your feet - soft landing as you put it - but to witness the posturing and jockeying for position is nauseating.

Heather said...

Thanks it is good to hear that some people didn't have issues with the IUD. Unfortunately I am in the same boat as Liz having never delivered vaginally (and barely dilating at all even after tons of pitocin).

joansy said...

Good luck with both work and your uterus.

Sounds like your week has been completely sucky. I hope next week is much, much better.