Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Serious Brain Exhaustion

This week has been emotionally exhausting. The shake up at work has left everyone feeling uneasy. Add on top of that 9 hours of meetings today with no real check-in with the world and I am utterly exhausted. The meeting was actually fun and challenging but draining. Then tonight our normal fun women's club meeting was a little tense because we are re-doing the bylaws and there were some contentious issues. Add to that the United Way auction that I have going on in my "spare" time at work and I am on overload.

I did get in 24 minutes of running this morning. I have to say that I hate the treadmill and every minute of it was torturous but I did it. I love the fact that my lungs weren't burning and I never felt like I was going to throw up but I really, truly didn't enjoy it. I have decided running outside is definitely my preference, I have an easier time finding my zone and ignoring the time going by. I feel sorry for my group today, I swear I was still sweating a good half hour into our morning session--nothing that like metabolism carry over!

I am thankful for my loving husband who has taken on a lot of the kid shuffling this week without complaint. He is pretty good at anticipating my breaking point and stopping before I go over the edge.


Builder Mama said...

Ugh, that sounds like my week last week. Well, adding in a train crash might actually make yours top mine!

WTG GMan on picking up the torch. You've got a good one, Maven!

Syndi said...

I have learned to prefer running on the treadmill. It is definitely easier on the joints. Plus, I tape Dr. Phil and Oprah and then watch them while I run -- really passes the time in a sort of mindless fashion.

Tree said...

MM - I am so impressed with your dedication and I am psyched with your progress! You are doing so well.

While I am good with treadmill running, I have found that I need to vary the speed or the incline at regular intervals in order to keep it interesting. Last winter when I was training for Napa, I had to run at least two of my long runs on the treadmill due to ice. Imagine running 2-3 hours - yes, hours, on the thing. Mindnumbing.