Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Proud Mommy Moments

PDQ brought home her first report card of first grade today. Her teacher says she is a joy to have in class and that she is working hard--really, what more could a Mom want? She got almost all 1s for effort which means outstanding. Really, doing her best and being pleasant is what I generally want to teach her in life. Two weeks ago we got a note from the school psychologist asking for permission to have her participate in a special playgroup as a mentor to other kids who were a bit socially challenged. It helps to put the whole education thing in perspective--its not just about learning stuff, its about learning how to live your life.

As you may have read, one of the major laments in my life has been what the heck we should do with Boobah next year. She misses the school cutoff by just two days. I have talked through the situation with the pediatrician, a friend who teaches Kindergarten, PDQs teacher from last year and just about everyone else who would listen! All of them said follow your gut and said to concentrate more on whether they are socially ready than to worry too much about academics. The other morning when we walked through the front doors we were greeted by PDQs teacher as Boobah went whizzing by to get to the door first so she could open it (the marker of a good start to the day). She laughed and said "oh she is SO ready for Kindergarten." I think she's right, I just hope the powers that be agree. I do worry about pushing her too hard so I'm trying to play it cool.


I am thankful (from yesterday) to have a job and new opportunities.

Today I am thankful to live in a place that has such rich educational opportunities for my kids, I hope we can take advantage of what we have been given.

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