Friday, November 2, 2007

Losing Time

I went for my procedure yesterday and after spending much time waiting around for my doctor to come and get the party started we were on the way. I have to say I am amazed at how quickly the "happy juice" works. She gave me 'just a little bit' as we headed out of the cubicle and down the hall. I remember the doors to the hall opening and for the next hour or so, that's it! I woke up in the recovery room like I'd had a good nap. For someone who hasn't slept really well in a really long time waking up and not remembering anything is a little strange. A really lovely nurse took care of me, brought Scott back and it wasn't long before we were on our way home--with a detour to Panera for some soup.

I slept all afternoon yesterday. The TV was on but in my head there was no one home. I don't usually sleep that well in the middle of the night, let alone in the middle of the day. Eventually I got out of bed around 4 when my friendly acupuncturist came by to check on me. Gman and the girls were off to our Thursday night program at church. I knew that any more time in bed and it was going to be one long night. I managed to get myself something to eat and roast the pumpkin seeds from our 75 pounds of pumpkins. In my alone time I caught up on all the Grey's Anatomy and Numb3rs the DVR could hold.

As I try to write I am finding I am still a little slow so call this SloMoNaBloPoMo.


Gretchen said...

Glad to hear everything went as well as it did... Keep resting. I mean it.

Builder Mama said...

I can't believe you did anything yesterday. I'd be sitting in the corner, drooling.

Heather said...

Getting off the couch occasionally hardly counts as anything. I knew that if I did nothing I'd be up all night and I'd be pissed :)

You'll be happy to note that after running around doing errands yesterday morning I parked my butt in the bed for most of the rest of the day.

joansy said...

I'm glad it went well.
Wishing you another restful day.

mmmmmmmm pumpkin seeds mmmmmmmm