Saturday, November 24, 2007

Old Friends, New Babes

My best friend is pregnant. Its very exciting, I think she will make a great Mom. Her husband is a bit older than we are and already a grandfather so its taken some getting used to in her life. She shared with me this weekend that the neither of her closest friends in town are happy about the baby coming. I guess I'll have to be happy enough for all of them. To top it all off, she lost her Mom a little less than two years ago. Being pregnant was hard surrounded with people I could ask for advice and a mother that I talked to nearly every day. I'm trying to figure out how I can be there for her from a distance without being obnoxious.

Speaking of babies, my sister is 29 weeks pregnant. She has a c-section scheduled for 1/31. She's having a rough time adjusting to being very pregnant (at 30 weeks with her first she ended up in bed for the duration) and dealing with a crazy-busy 2.5 year old boy. Apparently she was nearly hysterical a couple of weeks ago trying to figure out how to do it all. My heart went out to her.

So, here's to new babies coming in the new year. I get to be or play Auntie to both. Here's to happy and healthy pregnancies and babies for both!

I am thankful for my friendship with S, its lasted for over 30 years, distance and husbands for both of us. I will treasure it always.


Builder Mama said...

I know S will appreciate whatever you can do. How sad her friends aren't excited for her!

Your sister is 29 weeks already? Where did the time go?

Tree said...

Ditto BM. I know S will be thrilled to have someone happy for her.

The new baby will be here very soon for your sister. Good luck to her!

FENICLE said...

I can't imagine being pregnant and having the stress of your friends disapproval! I'm glad she has your support.

mackeydoodle said...

Friends like that are special gifts from up above.