Monday, November 5, 2007

Playing Domestic Diva--Tales from the Kitchen

After church yesterday I remembered that the local farm where I've been picking my own produce was closing for the season. After watching a bit of Mehmet Oz on Oprah last week and on Discovery Health yesterday I was feeling the need to eat more food in its natural or near natural state so that I wouldn't shrivel up any time soon.

I picked 19.7 pounds of apples, at 20 pounds you get a $.50/pound discount so I jogged back into the trees for a couple of apples to put me over the edge. I picked Stayman, Pink Lady and Suncrisp apples, who knew that I'd become an apple snob?! The Stayman (men?) make the best pies, the Pink Ladies and Suncrisp are both supposed to stay for months in the fridge. After hunting and gathering apples I headed home. On the way the light bulb went on over my head that Trader Joe's opened down the road from our house on what my friend calls "the monstrosity on the corner." A HUGE retail center including Costco, Best Buy and Lowe's on what used to be open space and farm land.

I picked up the much heralded Chili Lime Chicken Burgers which lived up to the hype as a tasty, nutritious burger alternative. After licking it and deciding she didn't like it Boobah revised her opinion, ate what was on her plate and asked for more! A culinary victory and at $3.69 for a package of 4 a relatively cheap and easy dinner option.

I turned the remainder of the last batch of apples into a quick applesauce to serve with dinner. PDQ declared it the best applesauce ever. Boobah declared "it has cinnamon in it, I don't like it!" How she knew about the cinnamon, I have no idea but to each her own. With the new apples I put together two pies--one for home and one to take to a friend who just had a baby as the perfect end to a fall dinner. I LOVE this apple pie recipe with my own adaptations. I put walnuts in the topping, put a bit of caramel sauce on the top of the apples and finish it off with the topping skipping the lattice top. For a really pretty pie to impress I will cut out dough with an apple shaped cookie cutter and put it over the topping. Anyway, no time for the cream and extras but this pie all by itself rocks!

Finally I whipped up a batch of Pumpkin Cranberry muffins from the latest Cooking Light. They are moist and delicious. A perfect fall breakfast and even reasonably good for you.


Today I am back at my desk and thankful to have a job that is interesting, relatively flexible and lets me work with really good people.

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Esmerelda said...

those muffins look good. MMM hmmm.