Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Slogging Away

I have not been the most faithful disciple of my fitness routine between the holiday, trip home, and food poisoning I skipped a lot of work outs. Other than the turkey trot I've been more of a couch potato. Monday I went to the early morning cycling class, not so bad, good to feel the muscles work. I had the best of intentions to run yesterday but work got in the way. I made Gman a deal to meet at the gym this afternoon after work to deal with the treadmill devil.

I did it, I ran 24 minutes out of 30. It was hellish. I spent far too much time focused on how much longer I had to slog along before I could walk. I could still breathe and talk but I was so bored that I could barely stand it. My legs and feet complained every minute that I ran. But its done and other than the hip that hurts every time I stand up or walk down stairs, I feel good. It was a good reminder that I have to keep up the routine or it gets harder again.

They opened up the registration for the Iron Girl triathlon in Columbia next August. Now I am truly committed, I signed up, paid my money and now I need to get ready to swim, bike and run.

A triathlon sounds pretty daring doesn't it? Check out my review for Parent Bloggers Network over at Maven Says of a new book for girls (and boys) The Daring Book for Girls.

I am thankful for the opportunity to take on this new fitness challenge and the people around me who support it.


Tree said...

GREAT job, MM!! I am very proud of you. Treadmill running poses many challenges, but for some reason, I have grown accustomed to it. I like to change up the speed and / or the incline at regular intervals and that helps. I am a wee bit worried about the aches & pains you are experiencing, however. Please monitor.

g-man said...

I cant wait to get my "Wife is an Iron Girl" shirt!! You rock honey, and I love the shit out of you! Moi.