Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Guilty Pleasure: American Gladiators

I don't know that I'd admit to watching the athletic contest in sparky, sparse costumes to just anyone so consider yourselves lucky! In the early/mid-90s I remember the Gladiators keeping me company late at night when I was up waiting for something bad to happen while I was on call. It had a fake pro-wrestling side to it but then there was the athletic ability of regular people to take on these larger than life gladiators as well as compete against each other and themselves. Call it the beginning of reality TV. A show before its time.

Last week when I was in Ohio for the holidays I caught an old episode on ESPN Classic and was frightened that I could remember watching it and knew who would win but I watched it anyway. Sunday night when the new edition of the show premiered I couldn't help but be pulled back into a different time and place. The women gladiators seemed a bit less, how shall we say, silicone, this time but were as over the top as always especially with the addition of Hellga.

An added bonus is a show, for a change, that Scott and I both enjoyed. With Hulk Hogan adding to the faux athletic event atmosphere it is bad entertainment at its best. The new twists, like having some events take place over a pool of water also make a good update of a classic. I love rooting for the underdog and I guess that's what we'll be doing for the next few weeks.


Gretchen said...

Last night I asked my husband if watching AG was "quality family time" if we all did it together...

Tree said...

I totally remember American Gladiator!!!