Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tri-ing to get in shape

I am now signed up to do three triathlons in the coming months, indoor in February (a defined time instead of distance), a sprint in June with an indoor swim and a more laid back cycle, and finally a sprint in August that is a "little extra" on all the distances.

I've been training more, getting ready to start the tri training class. I know from watching Esmerelda last year that it is going to seriously kick my butt. Hopefully I am ready for it, I know they will push me--that's what I am paying them for :) I am up to running for 20 continuous minutes which seems pretty incredible since a couple of months ago I was praying for a 2 minute interval to be over.

I have invested a bunch of cashola in the past couple of weeks--fins, heart rate monitor, platform for the front wheel of my bike. I am sure there is more to come. I am loving the heart rate monitor, seeing when I need to work harder and when I might need to take it a little easier. Most of all I love the calorie count it gives me for the work I've done!

Of course the hardest part is fitting it all in, especially this time of year. I can pull myself out of bed at 5AM a couple of days a week for spin class or cycling but I can't do it every morning. Some mornings I've been able to roust the girls a bit early and hit the gym after dropping them off and still make it to work before 9. Occasionally I can squeeze in a lunchtime workout but its hard and I always feel kind of grungy all afternoon even though I've showered. So here's to hoping that the class and its 3 hours of workouts a week will help me get myself schedule for the other 3 I need to do!

We had a minor victory for Boobah tonight. She is on her third session of skating lessons in the last year or so. The first time she passed from Tot 1 to Tot 2. She spent most of Tot 2 laying about on the ice and frustrating the crap out of me. Last week she returned to the ice and I was impressed with her determination to get up and keep trying. This week it all paid off! With slightly smaller skates she managed to spend the entire class on her feet rather than her backside. Yippee Boobah. She was so incredibly proud, her first real athletic accomplishment!

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g-man said...

Woo Hoo. That's my punkin ;)

You rock too baby, I'm sure that in no time you will be raring to go for the Iron Girl!