Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sending up smoke signals from the house of snot

Tomorrow it will be a week since I went to bed and have basically not gotten out except to do the absolutely necessary--like rinse my sinuses and get another box of tissues. When I woke the girls up this morning and they both complained that they didn't feel well I took pity on their booger crusted little selves and declared it a sick day. They've watched too much TV, played video games and eaten chicken noodle soup. They've had Thumper time and do your homework time. I've worked (yeah, no kidding, amazing huh?) and talked to my sister on the phone about the new babe.

Hopefully tomorrow we'll all be ready to enter the normal world again. I guess I'll find out what I'm made of, my tri training class starts tomorrow--in the pool at 5:15 AM. That in itself isn't so bad, its the getting up prior to 5AM which, as far as I am concerned, still qualifies as night time.


Esmerelda said...

Since the sun won't officialy rise until 7:21 AM is officially night time. My INTENT is to swim as well, but...DC might not let me leave at decent hour tonight.

You KNOW you'll feel fantastic and energized and ready to take on the world after, right?

Swimming is like nothing else. YOU GO GIRL!

Heather said...

I'll keep that in mind when I am trying to wake up to get out the door in the morning. I am afraid my sinuses might stage a revolt with the chlorine, I guess we shall see!

g-man said...

You go baby!! I'm glad that you were up for it this morning and feeling better. :)