Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Two words I never thought I'd use together

And sorry honey, its not, you're right.

I had a great run today. It was fifty-freaking-nine degrees on the fifth day of February in Maryland so that gets a big woohoo to start things off. I felt like crap this morning, tired, still kind of sore throat. It was foggy this morning and given the weather prediction I was bound and determined I was going to run outside. Mid-afternoon it was dark and overcast and I was wondering of I was going to have to spend more time on the dreadmill. When I left work it was starting to clear just a bit, I drove to the gym, changed my clothes, found some good tunes and off I went to run around the lake near my old house.

Many moons ago it was a real effort to walk around the lake. I was totally in awe of anyone who could run around the whole thing. I've run there a few times but always in the a few minutes of running to a lot of walking vein of things. Today I ran to the lake and 9/10ths of the way around it--I'd have done the whole thing but the path down there took me too far away from the gym and I needed to go get PDQ and Boobah. 32 minutes, all running. Go me! The best part was the way I felt, I felt great. I managed to power up the hills. Any ick I felt in the morning was gone, I watched ducks and geese on the lake, I gave the friendly runner's nod to the other runners (me-a runner?), and just generally enjoyed being outside in the fresh air.

I never ever thought I'd say it but I had a great run today.


Karen said...

It does sound like a great run! I admire you going the whole way with it. I'd have stopped and fed the ducks half way round! LOL

Esmerelda said...


It's a drug. Welcome to the world of the addicted.

Tree said...

I am so so happy for you! You have been converted. Woo hoo!!!