Thursday, February 7, 2008

Doing more before 8AM than most people do all day

OK, I'll admit maybe its not more than MOST people do all day but I am sure its more than SOME people do all day. You know who you are.

This morning started with the 4:45 AM alarm. I SO didn't want to get out of bed, but I did. I wrestled together my things and headed to the gym. We warmed up, which in that pool this morning was no easy task. Then we had a midievel torture sessions with resistance bands mimicing the swim stroke. My triceps hurt already, that does not bode well for the rest of the day.

I felt like a serious slug this morning. So much for the fantastic-ness of working out, this morning I felt like a slug--period. Everything seemed like an effort. How could I be breathing hard if my heartrate is only in the 80s? We did drills that made me feel like a complete moron. Roll the hips, then the arm, then bring your head out and breathe. Okay, now head back in, follow with the arms and the hips. Keep your head down. With all that to remember and knowing someone is watching I forgot to breathe out so then I had to try to blow out and fill back up before I put my head back in the water--nearly impossible!

Then home so that GMan could go to work. I laid down for just a minute. If only I could nap for 20 minutes, I'd feel better. Yeah, right. All I could think of was "I SO don't want to get up." Finally I said the heck with it and extracted myself from the bed. Shower, get the kids up, get myself dressed. Have minor disagreement with PDQ that no, she doesn't get to go stay with the beloved Lois and must actually spend the afternoon with, gasp, her mother. The high point was seeing Boobah get dressed up in her ballet outfit for her first lesson at school!

Then we were off to Safeway. I needed powdered sugar to make glaze for the cakes I made last night for the conference dinner at school tonight. I took the Mother of the Year route and bought my children a doughnut and Lunchables for a fine nutritional start to their day. Note to self--must have vegetables and fruit for dinner. So we loaded up into the car again and off to the school. After dropping off PDQ I went to the PTA office and threw together the glaze and put it on the cakes.

Okay, a little after 8, NOW I can go to the office to do "work." Funny how it seems like I've already done a whole lot of it today.


Tree said...

Holy moley! You are fantastic! GOOD JOB!

g-man said...

You rock "mother of the year" style. :) SHMILY

Builder Mama said...

I'm sorry, but what's wrong with donuts and Lunchables?

J/K. And that's why I will always beat you for Mother of the Year!