Friday, March 7, 2008

Coffee+Tide=Barf Smell?

This morning I stopped at 4-bucks for a skinny mocha and ran into my tri training coach. We chatted a minute and when I turned to go I spilled coffee down the front of my white shirt (and I do have a meeting with my boss this morning). I whipped out the fabulous Tide pen and cleaned up my mess-coffee gone, no trip home to change my clothes. Then I realized that there was a stench, a smell like vomit radiating from my chest. It was the same smell that GMan created the other day when he spilled coffee on a chamois shirt. I assumed it was the shirt. Apparently not. Who knew that mixing the Tide pen and coffee created a smell equivalent to an elementary school classroom after someone loses their lunch!

I keep getting a whiff of the offending smell and am transported back to the days of having a small infant. I'd come to work and smell spit-up. I couldn't see it, often I'd already cleaned it up but the smell lingered. I hope this one goes away and FAST!


Tree said...

I am tucking away that tidbit! CRAZY. And I so know what you mean about spitup.

MPPs Mom said...

i don't think it's just the combination with coffee. Every single time I use that thing the stench lingers. What is in that thing anyway? Visually it does a great job, but in the smell department it's way off the mark!!!

g-man said...

I. Told. You. So. ;)

Love ya, mean it.

Builder Mama said...

Duly noted. Blech.