Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Running: Now and Then

About 6 months ago I started running with the intention of doing a triathlon this year. I started by finding a Couch to 5K running program that promised to have me running for 30 minutes after 16 weeks. There were some starts and stops along the way, a sore hip here, sore knee there, and a couple of bouts with sinus issues. Then there was winter, I forced myself to run on the dreadmill I didn't like it, but I did it. Anytime the weather was remotely warm enough to think about running outside, I did. Then in January our tri training class started and the running generally followed over an hour on the bike. It really made me doubt my ability to swim, ride and THEN run especially on days like Sunday when it was cold and the wind was fierce.

Today when the weather was in the 50s and I had a day off yesterday I pondered the difference between running (okay RUN might be a strong word, jog or slog might be a better term) now and when I started:

Then: I checked my watch every 30 seconds to determine when I could stop running
Now: I check my heart rate monitor after 10 or more minutes to see where my heart rate is

Then: I'd try to run when there would be the least people who would see me
Now: I run whenever I feel like running

Then: I'd stop running when I had to, I just couldn't do more
Now: It is a concious decision to stop, not an overwhelming feeling of I can't go any further

Then: There was mostly walking for 30 minutes of a "run" and I was worn out
Now: I can run for 40 minutes without stopping and might be able to go longer if I tried

Then: I avoided running uphill at all costs
Now: I avoid running up big hills at all costs but I tackle the little ones full speed ahead

Bring on the spring and an opportunity to run and bike outside. Now that I've conquered my fear of running I need to get over my fear of rocketing down hills 0n my new road bike. The POINT is to go fast!


g-man said...

Is that fierce or fierce? :)

I am so proud of where you are today my love. I cant wait to take pictures at the Iron Girl!!!

workout mommy said...

I love your post! Isn't running great?!! It always make me feel like a true athlete, even though I am far from it! (lol!) Keep it up and pretty soon you'll be taking the big hills at full speed as well!

Tree said...

I am so proud of you.

I have been running (or jogging) for years. It is so inspiring to read about a new convert to running and it helps me to read about your advances! WTG!!