Saturday, March 29, 2008

Where did the week go? And the month of March?

Wow, last week is a total blur!
We started off in Ohio to visit my family. It was a great trip. I got to play auntie to my nephew Brady who turned 9 weeks old while we were there. He is one of those sweet baby boys who look more like wizened old men than chunky babies. He always looks like he is deep in concentration or has something to add to the conversation. After hearing what a fussy baby he was I was delighted to find out that he has a fussy evening session but the rest of the time he is easy going--after the child who didn't sleep until she was 3, this kid is nothing!
The girls got to spend time hanging with Brady along with big brother Matthew. This is the only picture of the three big kids where everyone is a-in focus and b-hand are not in or near the nose!
At almost 3 Matthew has become the train savant rattling off Thomas facts at the drop of the hat. They go everywhere with him--including the tub. We took the kids to a hands on children's museum in Lancaster, OH (if you are near there, check it out). The neighbor and her daughter went along as well, a great time was had by all. Matthew was NOT happy when we were leaving so we ended up with a fourth child (the oldest child stayed behind to work) for the trip back to my parents for Easter. I was a little worried he'd freak out once we'd left home behind but he was content to travel with us, in fact he slept driveway to driveway. Halfway through that trip I realized that the girls' Easter dresses were hanging in the closet at my sister's house. Ooops.

After the exhausting trip home it was back to work. What a zoo! The three days I took off? Well all the meetings for those days had to go somewhere. They were packed into 4 days of almost nothing but meetings and not the kind of meetings where you can just go and have a vacation in your head. No these were meetings where I had to listen so I could act on stuff later or even better, lead them and try to take notes that would distill down the hours of talk into a few salient points. To end the week my new boss who is the president of one of the divisions suggested that he'd like to have me work for the new head of technology saying he thought he could use my help. Its an interesting opportunity, we'll see what shakes out in the coming weeks! The two of them are my first male bosses in ten years. While I've worked mostly with men I've had a female boss since coming to the company, its an interesting switch to say the least.

Its finally Saturday night, Gman had a work crisis and went in to try and figure out how to make it better and hope he isn't to blame, wish him luck on both counts! Now I am off to bed, had a good swim with Es today, she is a fish in the pool! I thought I'd like the slightly warmer pool but alas no, I think I actually worked up a sweat swimming and I didn't like it! Tomorrow I totally loafed for about a week, my allergies were acting up and then there was the traveling. I am so happy to get back to my work-out routine this week. morning is our first bike and run outside for the Spring. Send warm vibes!

Also while I had a few minutes this evening and was perusing the pictures from the trip I came across this which may be the best picture ever taken of my sister and I together. One of us always has her eyes clothes, a whacked out look in her eye, or drool in the corner of her mouth.


Builder Mama said...

That is a great picture!

Glad you had a good trip, but even more glad you're back home. I missed you!

Gretchen said...

Lovely pictures.

Like Builder Mama - glad you had a great trip - and glad you're back!

Esmerelda said...

You're clearly the better looking sister. Hands down. Excellent fashion sense!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

Awesome pics! and you look great!