Friday, April 11, 2008

Weight Watching

I did it. I signed up for Weight Watchers at Work. I have been frustrated with not losing weight as much as I've been working out. I didn't think I was eating that poorly but I guess we will see. I've been burning between 5200-6000 calories a week working out (according to my heart rate monitor). I know there is debate about the accuracy of the calorie burn but estimates I've seen say to discount by 10-20%, that still puts me around the 5000 calorie mark. I've heard all the muscle weighs more than fat talk I can stand. I know my body shape is changing but its still frustrating not to see it on the scale that has always been the measure of success.

I am hoping that the return to WW will give me the focus on what I am eating that I've had on exercise for the past few months. In the past I've always done it in the opposite order, started with food and then added in exercise.

Dropping pounds isn't just to look better. My blood pressure is down from the exercise alone. I definitely feel better too. I know that I could be faster if I were lighter. I know that I'd hear a lot less complaining from my knees, hips and back if I were lighter. So now, lets see if I can be a little lighter. Watch for Thursday or Friday updates on progress.

I rode 10.5 miles this morning near the office. It was nice to be outside on the bike. Going fast downhill still scares the crap out of me, I really need to get over it! The lowlight was dropping my water bottle and running over it. I am surprised that my little skinny tires took the bump without me ending up in the road. The spray across the road from the water bottle was quite impressive if I do say so myself!


Esmerelda said...

I had flashbacks while reading your post. "I know i would be faster if I were lighter. I know it wouldn't hurt as much if I were lighter."

I'm still saying that....

You really do look a thousand times healthier and more fantastic every single day!!

Heather said...

Thanks for being my fluffer Es :)

And you ARE lighter and you ARE faster than last year!

Tree said...

What a wonderful ride this morning, despite the demise of the water bottle.

FWIW, RW always touts roughly 100 cal/mi burned, a little more or less (ha) depending on weight. So, when I am running 30-35 mi/wk, I estimate roughly 3000-3500 cal burned. Just one pound.

I suspect HRM and the calories burned shown on most equipment.

Builder Mama said...

Heh, well I did 10.5 miles today too. In my car.

I am so impressed! You are doing a great job.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Saw your blog on the Healthy Bloggers website.

Accountability is what I also look for. Doesn't matter if it's through WW our another program. Nice blog, I'll be back to wander around more.