Saturday, April 12, 2008


It has been cool and rainy around these parts the last several weeks. The kind of weather that makes you wonder if it will ever warm up and dry out. Thursday and Friday were pretty nice, it got up into the low 70s. The forecast for the weekend was rain and cooler-it was supposed to start raining last night. Other than a few showers we were spared.

With the lack of rain we spent the day at the school carnival outside and at the soccer fields. The forecast and the dark days made me forget about the sun and what it does to my lilly white skin. Really I should know better. My grandfather died from melanoma and my younger sister has already had a skin cancer removed. If you are interested in sponsoring me to help with the fight against melanoma you can visit my Tri-to-Win fundraising page and give me some love. Here is what I looked like after the second soccer game today. Guess its time to find the sun screen and start using it!

The bruise you ask? Yeah, ran into the lever on the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom at work trying to get out of someone's way. Can you say OUCH!


Builder Mama said...

Girl, get that sunscreen! I carry like 20 bottles in each vehicle.

Your arm looks like it HURTS.

Heather said...

I do too usually, just hadn't pulled it out for the year yet! Its been so icky for so long.

And believe me, it DOES hurt :(