Friday, May 23, 2008

I'd lose my head if it weren't attached

I have always had a hard time holding on to things, I lose my keys, papers and my mind on a regular basis. Generally its nothing of great value though. Now I seem to have misplaced two rather pricey items--my camera, which I haven't seen since Christmas. I know I took it to Ohio to visit the folks, haven't seen it since, but its GOT to be here somewhere, tucked away in a bag or something. I haven't put a lot of energy into finding it--probably because I haven't needed it too desperately since I have Gman, picture taker extraordinaire, to take all my pictures for me. Its always bad when you realize you haven't seen something in a long time, in our house that is that much longer to get buried in piles of stuff.

The newest item to pull the disappearing act--my heart rate monitor transmitter and strap. I know I wore it to spin class on Wednesday, I took yesterday off and today, I can't find it anywhere. I checked the lost and found at the gym, no dice. I went through the lockers I thought I might have used on Wednesday, no dice. I checked under the seats in my van, completely emptied my gym bag, searched all my coat pockets, nada. Now this little gem I use nearly every day. I thought I'd gotten really good at doing the same thing with it every time I took it off, apparently in my hurry to get back to work I didn't. The only thing I can figure out is that perhaps I threw it in the dirty towel bin and its getting washed with thousands of gym towels. I guess the one I "won" for fundraising for my first tri might actually come in useful!

Think thin Thursday update, the downward trend continued although not on the pace I'd like. But at least it was .6 pounds in the right direction.

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