Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fun run?

Esmerelda (sorry dude for the eyes closed picture, usually that is my role!) and I signed up our whole families for the Howard County library's summer reading kick-off fun run/walk this morning. What a great way to promote reading AND fitness--I hope the kids soaked in a little of the meaning. The seven of us headed out into the fog--yes fog, it was so humid that you could SEE it. The group was relatively small and Esmerelda and I settled in with the four year olds in the jogging stroller at the back of the runners pack. Gman took the older kids (& many pictures but none of all of us) and stayed with the walkers. 2.5 miles I thought, piece of cake. Sponge cake perhaps. I was soaking wet and had it dripping off the end of my nose before we'd gone a quarter of a mile. I had no idea that pushing the stroller would take so much extra energy. Maybe my arms DO help when I run.

Es' younger son, Tippy Tornado, urged her on "faster mommy, I want to go faster!" There is motivation for you-NOT. Boobah joined in a time or two but thankfully just settled in for the ride most of the time. It seemed lik 90% of the run was uphill, really, is that possible? Our goal was to stay ahead of the walkers. Then we noticed the guy with the purple stroller behind us, I don't know if he was jogging or just walking incredibly fast but it became VERY important to stay. in. front. And we did. Es called it the "Bredders Cup." There was a fast guy with a stroller so we finished second and third in a field of four in the self proclaimed stroller division.

After we finished up the pointed us to food and water. I immediately thought of Pasta Queen, there were Panera Cinnamon Crunch bagels free for the taking. It made the miserable run worth it--eating half that bagel without guilt. As we discussed our strategy to stay in front of the guy with the stroller he let us know that he was keeping us in sight, he didn't want to get smoked too badly. HA! Gman was the big winner for the day winning door prize tickets to the Body Worlds exhibit at the Maryland Science Center.
So that post was actually written on Saturday but blogger appeared to have eaten it for lunch. I went back and looked and there was no draft. Alas today, there it was so enjoy the regurgitated post.
Holy cow, three days until race day! This week has had me seriously on edge thinking, thinking, thinking the whole darned thing over. I was up obsessing over the bike route on Sunday night, see here is the fruit of my labors, an elevation of the course. I haven't worked out much, I know its supposed to be a taper but I feel like I have taken it a bit too seriously. The weather has been miserable hot, its the end of the school year, birthday parties galore and work is hoppin' as well and I just kind of generally feel like a slug. Perhaps it is my body telling me to slooooooow down.

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g-man said...

Your family is still here for you honey, I hope we can take the edge off before your race. We will be cheering the loudest! I wish I had the perfect words of encouragement. All I can say is I love you and you rock.