Friday, June 13, 2008

Think Thin Thursday Update & Triathlon Obsessions

Yesterday was one of the first times I didn't obsess about going into my weigh-in. I was pretty sure I'd gained weight and I'd made peace with it. The nutiness in my head thanks to hormones and pre-race freakiness were all I could deal with. Really, the one other time I gained weight I lost over 5 pounds the next week. I have been seriously lax in keeping track of what I am eating on paper although the calculator in my head is pretty effective if I do say so myself. I was the first one to the scale (I'd actually left a conference call online in my office to go face the numbers). The same. Never have I been so happy to hear that. So still hanging in there at 22.6 pounds lost.

OK, my nutiness about the whole tri thing this weekend. I called my favorite acupuncturist yesterday and told him I'd worked myself into a dither and begged for a pity appointment. I must say, it worked like magic, I am pretty sure I fell asleep on the table with skillfully placed needles doing their magic.

I hadn't really slept much since Sunday obsessing over what to wear, the bike rides, all the unknowns that come with doing something for the first time and who knows what else! I am not the least worried about finishing last, I can't actually pinpoint what it is that I *am* worried about. I just know that my mind is, for the first time in a long, long time, moving at warp speed and keeping me awake. The fact that my dear friend AF also showed up this week didn't help and does help explain my slug-like feelings and desire to curl up in a ball and ignore the rest of the world.

I got a stern talking to yesterday morning by Esmerelda about needing to not go to the dark side and just treat this like any other training session. She and Mr. Don convinced me that I need to worry about myself and not my family, the kids, and all the other people who are in my head along with the race stuff.

The countdown is seriously on. By the time the weekend is over I should be an official triathlete. Breathe--in, out.

Congrats to Greeblemonkey the lucky winner of the personalized My Fruit Roll Ups. My girls were glad to pitch in and pick a number out of a hat to determine the winner. Thanks again to the Fruit Roll Up folks and Parent Bloggers Network for sponsoring this giveaway!


Builder Mama said...

I love the sound of that - official triathlete! Gooood luck! You know I'll be pulling for you!

Tree said...

You are going to rock it!!!

I am sending all sorts of PV's your way.