Saturday, June 14, 2008

Swim, Change, Bike, Change, Run

This morning I did my last race prep. I got my bike out and set up my transition area on the front porch before driving to the pool for the swim.

Swim-once I got warmed up it was okay but I did have a gasping, turn on my back moment when I inhaled a little water. Good to know I can do that and flip back over and keep swimming.

T1-when I was on my way home from the pool I realized I didn't lay out my helmet and glasses. Luckily I knew where the helmet was and I had Gman's glasses. Wasn't I pleased to find my glasses attached to my helmet :)

Bike-everything started out well on the bike. Legs a little tight, telling myself to just spin and warm up. First obstacle, dude in an Excursion decides to pull a U-turn RIGHT FREAKING BESIDE ME. He has like no turning radius in that beast and was frighteningly close to me, I managed to pull my foot out and stop to keep myself from getting smashed. He didn't even give me a second look--jackhole! After that things started falling apart. I thought the uneven feeling on the seat was just my suit and shorts sliding around-I wanted to test the combo today. Nope, that wasn't it, my seat was lose. When I could I stopped and got out my tools. Sure enough, I don't have a wrench for that in my bag. Didn't throw my cell phone in either. A guy in a mini-van with a bike rack stopped and offered to help, unfortunately he didn't have anything with him. I thanked him profusely and decided to just head home. Of course, like always it happened when I was halfway into the loop so it wasn't like one way was shorter than the other. I managed to make it home but it was an uncomfortable ride with lots of pressure on the lady garden. Occasionally I had to stop and wrench the seat forward so it didn't end up pointing straight up while climbing. I needed practice out of the saddle, bad way to get it.

T2-uneventful, quick!

Run-my legs were tight getting started, ran uphill to start, just like the race. Just did a short loop to get everything pumping.

Home again! Stretched out good. Now off to wash things up and make sure I am ready for tomorrow! Yikes--less than 24 hours!

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Tree said...

Smart girl!! I am proud of you for going through the pre-race transitions. ACK! The logistics of it all.