Tuesday, July 15, 2008

First Open Water Swim

Sorry I've been scarce, first there was the viewing and the funeral and now its vacation, in the woods. We are staying in a beautiful house in the middle of nowhere, its quiet, there is a hot tub and plenty of yard for the kids to run and run and run along with the requisite beds to then collapse into at night.

Today we went to Lake Logan park so the kids could swim. Since there were also plenty of other adults I got in some training time time as well. I have not gotten in nearly the training time I should have over the past week and a half. This was one I really needed though, I haven't had a chance to swim in open water and knew it was different than the pool. On the good side, it is much less repitious than swimming in the pool, the water was mostly warm and there was little vegetation. On the not great side the lake must be spring fed because there were REALLY chilly spots randomly around the lake.

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