Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

This morning Gman and I got up "early" and headed out to ride the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway (or part of it anyway). Getting there was a bit of a battle, the parking lot that the map says to park in was closed and the college lots were full (besides I figured we'd get ticketed in one of those). After a bathroom break and a bit more driving around we managed to find somewhere to park. Then it was a another delay to get the tires pumped up and all our stuff together. It was well worth it-what a beautiful, flat ride on well maintained trails with a few crossings of lightly traveled roads. Its not often we get to ride anything that is flat and without traffic! I rode with Gman for the first half and on the way back I got some training in and tried to keep my speed and cadence up. It was a fun ride and nice to be out by ourselves. I was determined that we didn't bring our bikes all this way for them to sit on the porch.

Yesterday we ventured out into the parks to commune with nature. In the morning with the whole family we went to Ash Cave--a paved trail took us to the spectacular cave and Gman, BIL and I took the big kids back via the slightly longer "hiking" trail. After a trip to sis' house and lunch the MM crew headed to Old Man's Cave. There was a bit more hiking here as well as the cave and waterfalls. We made two of the loops (having to take two bathroom breaks, oh the joys of hiking with kids. Someday I'd love to come back and hike all 6 miles (each way) of the trails that lead from Ash Cave to Cedar Falls and then to Old Man's Cave.

Last night we went out to dinner with my sister and BIL at the Grouse Nest Restaurant. The food was good, the company better but the drive up to the place was a little rough, gravel and all up hill. I wasn't sure the Mommy Van was going to make it! We've definitely had the Appalachian adventure a pleasant change from our "normal" lives.

Today is sis' 35th birthday, happy birthday sis! She and BIL headed out this morning to Jamboree in the Hills. Part of me wishes we were with them. The other, more mature part that hates crowds of drunk people is just as happy to spend another night in the quite lodge even if it does mean we have her 3 y.o. and 6 month old sons! The older one and Boobah keep each other busy and PDQ is a big help with the baby--when Grandma lets her have a turn.

Stay tuned, I know there will be pictures when Gman has a chance to get them published!

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joansy said...

Sounds like you're having a fantastic time. The bike ride sounds perfect!