Sunday, July 27, 2008

Motivation Crisis

Somewhere in the last few weeks my desire to get up every day and work out has gotten up and left. Not a good thing 4 weeks out from Iron Girl. I signed up for this race in October, I've been training pretty consistently since then. Now I know I can do the distance. I know I can swim in open water. I know I can RIDE up the hills. But most days lately, I just don't want to. I have done it most days and felt better for it afterwards but it doesn't make it any easier to do it the next day. Why now, in the last few weeks where I am supposed to peak, am I finding it so hard to even get out my bike? My excuse for not running (much) is a hip that has nagged me on and off for months. Unfortunately lately its been on again.

This morning I ran, it felt good even in the heat. I am hoping that I saw a glimmer of my motivation returning. I signed up for a spin class tomorrow morning--EARLY--so we'll see if I can pull myself out of the bed to go.

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Tree said...

I hope it has been over the past week!