Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maven Says: Just Say No to Wedgies!

When Boobah was two years old and recently potty trained, she coined the term "oogie" AKA the wedgie. In the nearly three years she has been wearing underwear we've had frequent complaints about oogies...until now. Thanks to Parent Bloggers Network and the nice folks at Hanes my girls have been outfitted in "No Ride Up" panties. Briefs for the big girl and bikinis for the little one (agh, I had no idea there were all these choices to make so soon!). Its nice to think of Boobah heading off to Kindergarten this year and not worry about her spending most of the day doing an odd little dance to dislodge her panties from places they shouldn't be.

Both packages of panties (9 to a pack, more than a week!) came with enough white pairs to go under the light colored shorts and enough patterns and colors to keep everyone happy. The lack of days of the week made my day, I hate the morning quiz--What day is it? What does it start with? Where are they? Who knew that plain cotton underwear would make me so happy. One of the "plain" parts that makes us all happy is the lack of a label. The size info printed in the back instead of on a tag eliminates the itch factor. It also makes it much easier for the kids to figure out which is the front vs. the back--the side loaded tags on most normal underwear don't give the kids a clue.

The panties are thus far showing no signs of wear and tear from the wash. The no roll legs stay put and no elastic peaks out. The only thing coming out of the top of the underwear is my kid, none of those annoying little elastic bits or l0ng, unraveling strings that can be itchy and annoying.

In addition to panties we have socks. My favorite thing about them is they are all the same! I've made the mistake so many times of buying socks with various colored bottoms or rings around the ankle and end up with piles of lonely, single socks. No problem with these socks, the only color difference is the color coded heels to let you know what size the socks are. Size medium fits both my girls so no fighting over what belong to who either.

You can't go wrong giving these underthings a try, they come with the Comfort Fit Promise--you don't think they are comfortable, you get your money back. What do you have to lose? (And I was just over on their site--20% off, just in time for back to school.)

Check out the Parent Bloggers Network for other reviews of Hanes undies and socks. If you've got a little guy instead of a little girl you can learn about tightie whities and boxer briefs as well. Keep your eyes out for the blog blast on August 22.


Esmerelda said...

Do you KNOW how many pairs of power rangers underwear I own? Seriously, in various sizes? And A STILL went to PA without a pair?

Thank goodness you have found under-clothing nirvana.

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