Friday, August 8, 2008

The house of nuts

Things have been a serious whirlwind--train, work, can, kids, work, cook, work, worry, work.

The good news is there is a new VP at work and he thinks I rock. The bad news, I have to work my tail off to make sure he continues to think that. This week he is on vacation and he left me with several "can you look into this" assignments while he is gone. I went for acupuncture and he asked me pretty early on how things were at work. I spent an hour on his table, mostly just breathing and its amazing how much better I felt when I left.

Last Sunday I did a "Brick n Pic" with the local tri club. They were wonderful to hang out with and someone always stayed at the back of the pack with me. I should never, ever have run before my ride. My heart rate was zooming the whole time and the ride was pretty miserable. My back was killing me after climbing but thankfully Mr. Don fixed that! This week I've done pretty well keeping up with the training but not the bike, they have the road torn up on the course and I hear it is NASTY, I'll need to do that when I come back from NY.

I picked 23 pounds of peaches (along with raspberries and blueberries) last Wednesday. That meant I had a lot of fruit to deal with! I did my first batch of peach hot pepper jelly. Gman asked if I could make the bits not float to the top. I read that rotating the jar during the process helped with that so I flipped them over. Oops, I went to bed without flipping them back. Now I have nine jars that look like this....


I don't know if it the end of the summer or what but they are non-stop fighting, talking, singing and getting into things they shouldn't. Boobah can't wait for school to start and I can't wait to have one drop off in the morning and no pick ups in the afternoon. On the other side, how the heck did my baby get old enough for Kindergarten?

Other Random Stuff

We are off to Albany, NY this morning for GMan's sister to get married this evening. We are brining our 18 year old neice back with us to visit for a week.

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joansy said...

Have a great time on your trip!
I hope the break is just what you need.

PS I don't know what it is, I suspect the sitemeter in the side column as I read that there were issues with that, but when I access your site at work, with Internet Explorer, it crashes big time. I can access at home with Firefox and Safari with no problem. Am I the only one with that issue?