Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Finally, its election day. The excitement has really been driven out of me because the build up to the election has been so long and SO drawn out. Boobah thinks Obama is running against Michael Phelps, probably not a fair race here in the swimmers home state. She finally got herself straightened around and proudly declared that she voted for Obama as did most of her Kindergarten class. Abby said she voted for McCain because, clearly, he has more experience. Not wanting to quash her independent thinking but being a little queasy inside we had a discussion about whether all experience was good and what else she knew about him. Obviously she and the TV are close friends and one message rang true for her.

This morning Gman and I took the girls along with us to the polls. We were prepared, the girls had their DS', I had over an hour before they could be dropped of at today's camp (no school due to the election). My stomach dropped a bit when I pulled out onto the main road outside our neighborhood and saw cars lining the side of the road. Wow, glad I planned ahead, its going to be a long wait. I took my chances and pulled into the parking lot--score, good parking place! I met up with Gman who had an even better spot and we dodged the obnoxious campaigners outside of the school and as we rounded the corner we saw the line extended out the door and well down the sidewalk. Lucky for us we saw one of our neighbors who told us that the line was for the cafeteria and we were in the gym--no line. All of that planning and we were back in the car less than 15 minutes after we parked originally.

Since we had time to kill the girls and I stopped at DD for coffee and a donut for them (egg white flatbread for me) and at Target (which Ellie decided was spelled Tar-J after we were talking about it with the "French" pronunciation) to stock up on cold season supplies. I still had them at before care shortly before it started. SCORE!

So I may not have exercised my muscles yet today but I did exercise my right to vote. I've done my part, now go do yours and we'll wait for the dust to settle tomorrow.

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