Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Running Thought O' The Day

It is really amazing to me how much your mind has to do with running. Tonight was my short run, 2 miles. It was dark almost as soon as I started but relatively balmy so I put on my shoes and went before dinner. I know that if I start off with a less than stellar attitude about a run it takes much longer to get into it and sometimes it just never surfaces, the whole thing is an exercise of mind of matter. On the other hand, some days, like today I was a woman obsessed, I needed to run. It was dark, there were leaves piled on the sidewalk, I really didn't care. I needed to blow off some stress, I needed to RUN. It felt good, the first half mile wasn't a struggle (other than half of it being uphill). When I got home I was sweaty and stinky but I was done and could actually start dinner without biting any heads off or feel like I was ready to implode.Nike might have been right when they said Just Do It, I can't say there has ever been a time when mentally I've felt worse after a run (or a ride or a swim for that matter) than before I started.

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