Thursday, November 6, 2008

Step Away from the Cookie

I am not a fan of store bought cookies. I can pass up the sandwich cookie, the chocolate chip cookies from a bag and even the perenial Girl Scout favorite Thin Mint doesn't do much for me. I like fresh donuts or danish but the stuff from a package, I can leave it. When I was offered an Oreo Cakester this evening I thought what the heck. Mistake. Big. Huge. Mistake. It was the right mix of sweet and chewy and none of the things that I usually think of when I think store bought baked goods. It was actually good. It made me want to lick the inside of the package to see if there were any of that lucious creamy filling. Must never buy the Oreo Cakester!


g-man said...

I guess it is a good thing that you are in charge of buying stuff then :)

Dr.Rutledge said...

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Builder Mama said...

I have never tried those, but now my mouth is watering! You suck, but I mean that only in the nicest way possible.