Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mr. Rogers would love the people in my neighborhood

Halloween is always fun in our neighborhood, lots of people out an about. Some outrageous decorations. Some driveway parties where there a bunch of neighbors get together and have "one stop shopping" for the kiddos. But my favorite houses were the ones where there were shots for the adults to keep us warm and the house with a table set up down front with hot spiced cider that you could request "with" or "without."

Boobah is not a dog fan. Esmerelda's dog tackled her a few weeks ago and that has taken her fear to a whole new level. She about had a cow last night when one of the Dads brought their dog with him to trick-or-treat. She is the calmest, quietest dog ever an finally Boobah calmed down and decided it was okay (or forgot she was even around). We approached the driveway party house and Boobah refused to budge--there were dogs. We watched the dogs go inside and she was still reluctant to go near the house. Further up the street there was the most beautiful young golden retriever. Boobah protested but I convinced her the dog was behind the glass. Well she was...for a minute. As soon as the kid tending the candy bowl opened the door she pushed him out of the way and bolted out the door, across the street and ran circles around everyone. Boobah let out a blood curdling scream. One of the other kids, wide-eyed, asked what that scream was "it was spooky." After that Boobah was done. I walked her home to leave her to help Gman pass out candy. I also brought tennis shoes for another of the kids and picked up some liquid refreshment for the neighbor and I (this was, of course, before we found our party neighbors who were handing it out!).

Apparently Boobah got bored with Gman and headed over to "hang out with Mr. Neighbor." He is a quiet guy with one kid so I'd be interested to find out exactly what it is that she had to tell him and what rumors now require dispelling!

So here is to the people in my neighborhood!

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